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March 9th 2004

I would like to thank all the supporters of RedEdit 98 and SunEdit 2K, these two programs provided me with a lot of enjoyment to write and even more enjoyment to see them being used. My time as part of the Command And Conquer community was one of my most enjoyable periods of my life so far. But alas, all good things have to come to an end. As many people have commented in emails, I haven't updated my site in years - this is basically down to one reason - lack of time.

RedEdit 98 was written whilst I was at University and it probably was one of the reasons I failed the 2nd year! lol. However, I then went into the IT industry as a computer programmer and I am now running my own Webdesign company ( So all in all, failing the 2nd year wasn't all that bad! However, once I started working, time was less and less and to the point where I was working my full time job during the day and then working on SunEdit2K in the evenings and weekends - I basically didn't have a life away from the computer.

There was nothing more than I wanted to do than continue work on an Editor for Red Alert 2 - seeing what editors you had, I can't help but feel that Rage would have kicked some serious butt, drawing on all the experience from RE98 and SE2K. But alas, the RA2 INI files were huge and it would have been a serious amount of effort to provide a robust and safe way to edit them. Yes, its easy to make a simple editor, but try and write one that makes the settings easy for people to access and tries to prevent them from doing stupid things, and its sodding hard and time consuming.

When I look at Generals I also cry. Not because the game sucks - it doesn't at all, I love it, just as I love all C&C games, but there is so much power in the INIs and its calling out for an easy to use editor, which is what made RE98 and SE2K so damn popular. At the time this site was made live and the old Download Central site was pulled down, SE2K had been downloaded just under 250,000 times - that's a quarter of a million downloads!

But sadly I cannot put the time and effort into an editor at the moment due to the fact that I need to work to bring in the money to pay the bills - it was so much easier when I was living at home with my parents with no outgoings (the RedEdit 97/8 days).

So, I'm bidding you all a final farewell, but I do have a gift (or two). I've released the Professional Version of RedEdit 98 (the version you pay for) and the Serial Number generator for SE2K, so you no longer need to register them. I would like to thank all the thousands of people who have registered these programs over the year and I'd like to give Jason (aka) Therm a quick mention here for all his help in the years gone by. He helped me test SE2K before releasing it along with helping out on the forums, when they were around. I'd also like to thank Matze and Olaf van der Spek, it was a pleasure knowing you both and I wish you both the best for the future :)

I could not go without saying 'Thank You' to the guys at what was Westwood Studios. (In no particular order), Rade Stojsavljevic, Adam Isgreen, Chris Rubyor, Aaron Cohen, and Brett Sperry (to name but a few). Make no mistake, without their attitude towards people such as myself who wrote editors for their games, the C&C Community would be a far less enjoyable place. I was sad when I saw Westwood slowly absorbed into Electronic Arts, as Westwood had that certain something that marked them apart from other developers. My times at the Las Vegas offices will always be remembered by the friendlyness of the welcome I recieved whenever I visited. I just wish other companies would embrace their enthusiasts with such vigor and enthusiasm!

Lastly, I'd like to thank again all our past customers for their orders. Sadly if you've ordered it, I will not be offering refunds due to the software now being free.

RedEdit 98 Professional

To download RE98 professional, click here.
Then download the SE2K / RE98 unlock tool below.

SunEdit 2K Professional

You'll need the shareware version if you haven't already got it: click here.

SunEdit 2K Mod Manager

A free manager to manage your mods and make them easy to distribute to your friends! (read the tutorials about this) click here

SunEdit 2K Tutorials

If you want to read the tutorials (recommended), click here.

RE98 / SE2K Unlock Code Generator

To unlock your shareware version you need to download this tool... click here.

Additional RE98 Downloads

RedEdit 98 Pictures Archive - click here.
( Required for pictures in the quick index - usually installed by default anyway. )

RedEdit 98 Current Selection Pictures - click here.
( Required to see which unit / vehicle / structure is currently selected )

RedEdit 98 Sounds DLL - click here.
( Required to preview the sounds in the weapon stats window )

Additional SE2K Downloads

Texture Packs:
( These are used if you want to change the window texture in SE2K. These can also be used in RE98).

Texture Pack 1: (605 kb)

Cool Titan.Jpg
Cyborgs I.jpg
Cyborgs II.jpg
Distruptor II.jpg
Orca Formation.jpg
Temple At Night.jpg
Titan Three.jpg

Texture Pack 2: (405 kb)

Carry All.jpg
Devils Tongue II.jpg
Devils Tongue.jpg
Just Dropped In.jpg
Laser Turrets.jpg
MLRS Launch.jpg
Stealth Tank.jpg
Where Is That 'Drop Decoys' Button.jpg

Texture Pack 3: (535 kb)

APC II.jpg
Devils Tongue III.jpg
Orca Bomber.jpg
Strike 1.jpg
Three Wise Titans.jpg
Titan II.jpg
Tunnel Entrance.jpg
What You Looking At.jpg

Texture Pack 4: (318 kb)

Inside The Montauk.jpg
Kane I.jpg
Kane II.jpg
Lucky Shot.jpg
Where Did That Go.jpg

Texture Pack 5: (208 kb)

GDI Barracks.jpg
GDI HeliPad.jpg
GDI Orca Bomber.jpg
GDI War Factory.jpg

If you have got any questions, please email me, but please note I might take a few days to reply, if I don't reply just resend your email. Due to having this account since 1997, you can imagine the amount of spam I get!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy RedEdit 98 / SunEdit 2K as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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